Garden Maintenance

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All-Inclusive Gardening Services

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to transform your outdoor space or a business seeking professional landscaping solutions, Queensland Horticultural Services meets every need in Southeast Queensland. Our inclusive range of services includes:

  • Industrial mowing and garden maintenance
  • Slashing
  • Residential mowing and gardening
  • Hedge trimming and edging
  • Plant supply, health monitoring and installation
  • Garden Pest Control
  • Turf supply and installation
  • Green keeping
  • Cylinder mowing for commercial grade, highly presentable lawns
  • Sports turf management
  • Garden pest control

Our mowing and garden maintenance services guarantee a polished look.

Queensland Horticultural Services (QHS) is the trusted name for superior commercial, industrial and residential gardening maintenance in Southeast Queensland. Our profound understanding of the region’s unique flora and climatic conditions, combined with our commitment to exceptional quality, sets us apart.

Our services are tailored to support the thriving gardening and horticulture industry in Queensland, reflecting our dedication to local growth and sustainability.

Lush garden with vibrant flowers

The Queensland Horticultural Services Advantage

With 20 years of experience, we’ve built a superior reputation and demonstrated a track record across the residential, industrial and commercial garden maintenance industry. 

At Queensland Horticultural Services, we are more than just your local gardening services provider. We are your partners in nurturing and maintaining the beauty and health of your garden. Trust us to provide professional and reliable gardening services in Southeast Queensland.

Contact us or call us at 07 3351 1661 today for additional details or to arrange a consultation.

Lush garden with vibrant flowers

How can we help?

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Below are some of the questions we commonly get asked.

How frequently should I schedule garden maintenance services?

Regular maintenance is the key to immaculately presented gardens. Depending on the vegetation in your garden, most gardens require weekly maintenance during summer. We recommend regular garden maintenance at least every 2 weeks in summer and every 2-4 weeks during the winter months.

What measures do you take to ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable garden maintenance practices?

Working sustainably and caring for our environment is a major part of who we are. These commitments form part of our mission statement and are entrenched in our culture. We have a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Program in place to ensure we meet our targets. Take a look at our values page for further information.

How can I get a cost estimate for garden maintenance services?

We are always happy to provide obligation-free quotes and advice. Contact our friendly team today by phone (07 3351 1661), email, or just by filling out the contact form.

Do you offer seasonal or customised garden maintenance?

Yes – We offer flexible maintenance plans to suit the seasons. As a comprehensive garden and grounds maintenance company, we can tailor a solution to your specific requirements. We aim to be a one-stop shop for everything you need, leaving your gardens and grounds immaculate every time.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee or follow-up support provided after garden maintenance services are completed?

Customer satisfaction is one of the five key pillars of our business strategy and forms part of our customer promise. We live by our customer service charter, and we guarantee complete satisfaction.  Our team has a QA program in place to ensure our service is of the highest quality, and our teams complete Maintenance Completion Reports at the end of each job. These are sent to both the customer and our management team to ensure quality, transparency and accountability. 


We care about our customers, and we want you to be delighted.

Can QHS assist with pest control and disease management for plants in my garden?

Yes – As a comprehensive garden maintenance and horticultural services provider, QHS can assist in identifying, treating, preventing, and controlling pests and diseases in your garden. Contact us today to find out how we can help.