Grounds Maintenance

It’s the little things that count

Set the tone for your outdoor space with thorough and professional grounds maintenance of driveways, drains, paths and concrete fixtures. 

Queensland Horticultural Services is your premier destination for comprehensive grounds maintenance services. We are deeply rooted in the local community, with a keen understanding of Queensland’s unique horticultural landscape. Our extensive range of services enables us to take a holistic approach to maintaining not just your gardens but the broader grounds in which they are located.

Our team specialises in maintaining grounds and commercial landscapes, including driveways, parking areas, paths, drains, outdoor furniture and hardscaping.

We provide a year-round service that helps maintain healthy, visually appealing grounds designed to enhance your brand reputation and create an inviting atmosphere.

Queensland Horticultural Services offers professional maintenance and cleaning of everything outside the garden, including:
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Driveways and Car parks

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Hard concrete fixtures

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Outdoor furniture  

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QHS provides complete Grounds Maintenance Solutions, including:

  • Litter and leaf collection
  • Cleaning of hardscaped areas, playgrounds, and concrete fixtures
  • Supply and maintenance of ground coverings, stone, sand, and gravel
  • External drain maintenance and clearing
  • Pressure cleaning

Over 20+ Years of Experience  

Our decades-long expertise equips us to offer innovative solutions tailored to your goals and requirements. Regardless of the project’s size or nature, we commit ourselves to providing high-quality grounds maintenance within your timeline and budget. The properties we attend to include:

  • Government Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Public Parks
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Large Scale Industrial Facilities
  • Strata and Body Corporate Buildings
  • Residential Properties
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Grounds Maintenance Experts in Brisbane

With two decades of industry experience, we’ve established an unparalleled reputation and a consistent record of success in residential, industrial and commercial grounds maintenance. At Queensland Horticultural Services, we’re committed to preserving and enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. Get in touch with us or call us at 07 3351 1661 today for more information or to schedule a consultation.


Below are some of the questions we commonly get asked.

Can you handle large-scale grounds maintenance for industrial or public spaces?

Yes – QHS has been undertaking commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance in Brisbane for over 20 years. Our team of experts and our staffing structure have been designed to enable us to scale up rapidly to deal with project work and large-scale projects with ease. We have the equipment, resources, and capabilities required to deliver large-scale projects with ease.

How often should I schedule grounds maintenance services for optimal upkeep?

Good grounds maintenance does not require the same frequency as garden maintenance and can generally be undertaken monthly, depending on traffic. For high-traffic areas such as universities and shopping centres, regular litter and leaf collection can keep these areas looking pristine. Some of our clients seek these services daily, while others do so monthly. Public parks and car parks can generally be undertaken less frequently.

Can you help manage specialised features in commercial landscapes, such as outdoor structures?

Yes – As a comprehensive grounds maintenance solutions provider, we can provide hard-scaping and soft-scaping solutions in addition to specialised maintenance and pressure cleaning.

Is there a flexible scheduling option for grounds maintenance services to accommodate specific business hours or property requirements?

Yes – We understand that your business comes first, and we work closely with our clients to work around their core business hours and other requirements. We operate 7 days a week and can accommodate your unique requirements.

How do you ensure the safety and compliance of grounds maintenance practices, especially for public or high-traffic areas?

Our team is CM3 certified, and as part of our business values, we seek to be a leader in safety practices in both our workplace and the broader community. Our team holds all required qualifications and safety equipment and is inducted and trained in safety. We adhere strictly to our company SOP’s and SWMS for all works.

We understand the importance of safety in your workplace as well as ours and we aim to place safety first in all aspects of our work.